PPE: The Importance of Personal Protective Equipment in the Workplace

As the pandemic continues, one thing is for certain – work doesn’t stop. Protecting the health and safety of employees is key to ensuring there’s a level of trust and respect for the organization. Providing employees with personal protective equipment, or PPE, to wear while performing their duties is essential.

personal protective equipment in the workplace

How Does PPE Help in the Workplace?

In office environments, while there may not be a need to have gowns and respirators, some form of PPE is needed to protect employees and any visitors. Disposable three-layer face masks or KN95s, protective gloves and proper cleaning supplies are key. With these products being in high demand, they may be scarce and hard to find.

Types of Personal Protective Equipment That May be Used in the Workplace

In certain workplaces, there may be times when a transaction involves the full range of PPE protection. However, in most workplaces, especially those do not involve frontline workers, the types of protective equipment that will keep employees and safe range from sanitization options to face shields and masks.
For the employees, consider options such as:

• Face masks
• Face shields
• Protective gloves
• KN95 masks

For the office environment and high-traffic areas consider:

  • Hand sanitizer (gel or spray)
  • Surface wipes
  • Hard surface disinfectant spray
  • NanoSeptic self-cleaning products
  • Aerosol spray disinfectant
  • Touchless sanitizer dispensers

In the breakroom, also consider implementing the use of plastic utensils, touchless paper towel dispensers, and individually wrapped items such as straws, utensils and coffee stirrers. We are also supplying touchless coffee brewers such as the TopBrewer and the Encore29, which enable employees to order coffee without touching the machine at all. All of these items can also be a way to protect your employees as they go about their workday.

vinyl gloves personal protective equipment for workplace

The Importance of Employee Training

All employees should be trained on safety procedures and the use of personal protective equipment. The guidelines should also be posted to prevent the spread of infection. What should be on these guidelines? According to OSHA and the CDC:

  • Frequently wash hands with soap for 20 seconds or use an alcohol-based rub with 60% alcohol or higher.
  • Avoid touching the eyes, nose, or mouth.
  • Cover coughs and sneezes.
  • Stay away from others who are ill.
  • Stay home if feeling ill.

gel sanitizer personal protective equipment for workplace

In offices where wearing full PPE is not required, face masks should also be considered. Additionally, using a solution to sanitize high touchpoint areas may work well.

The need to provide a safe and healthy environment is a major concern for employers as it relates to protecting their employees. Emphasizing the use of PPE and how effective it can be in preventing the spread of germs and infection should be a top priority. PPE and NanoSeptic surfaces work together in creating an environment in which employees can work safely.

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Bring Touchless Coffee Brewing Technology to the Office: Order Your Coffee With an App and a Tap

As close to two-thirds of Americans drink at least one cup of coffee every single day, it’s not surprising that offices, restaurants, cafes, and hotels are giving their coffee-making operations a second look. Standard coffee machines are frequently touched by multiple people, potentially putting individuals in danger of catching the novel coronavirus. Granted, a business can put a bottle of hand sanitizer near the machine, but at least some coffee drinkers (or makers) are likely to forget to use it.

Thankfully, modern technology has the answer. Touchless coffee brewing technology is safe, effective, and surprisingly affordable. It’s the most sanitary coffee maker and It’s easy to use since it allows multiple people to make coffee without coming in close contact with each other.

TopBrewer for touchless coffee

How Does Touchless Coffee Brewing Work?

Touchless coffee brewing machines such as TopBrewer come with an app that can be installed at no additional cost. The app works in the same way a touchscreen coffee maker does. A person simply selects his or her coffee preference and then places a cup or mug at the machine. The coffee maker makes the coffee in accordance with a person’s order – and that’s that.

Why TopBrewer?

TopBrewer comes with several helpful amenities to make coffee brewing as simple and delicious as possible. The app can be installed on either an Android or iOS device. Furthermore, it comes with personalization options that enable users to customize a drink and save favorite recipes for easy coffee ordering.

What’s more, TopBrewer coffee makers are connected to CoffeeCloud, an advanced cloud management system that offers real-time data metrics that any establishment would need to know to offer improved customer service. The platform also includes multiple user levels and diagnostic features to enable easy refilling. What’s more, CoffeeCloud can be installed on a smartphone, tablet, or PC for ease of access.

Move into the Future With BostonbeaN

Boston-based companies that want to order touchless coffee machines will find that BostonbeaN is the distributor of choice. BostonbeaN is the only business in the Boston area that distributes the TopBrewer machine. Additionally, BostonbeaN is also preparing to offer apps for two other leading coffee maker brands to provide company owners with various coffee machine options to suit their needs and budget.

TopBrewer app for touchless coffee

As an added benefit, BostonbeaN also offers top-quality personal protective equipment (PPE), disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer gel, and other products to keep your workers safe as they do their jobs and interact with each other. Discounts are available for large orders, but the company accepts orders of all sizes, from all industries.

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