As offices continue to re-open throughout the next year, it will be more important than ever to keep employees safe from exposure to hazards. Air purifiers such as the Aeramax Professional and the Celios G200 can reduce the risk of catching COVID-19 and other illnesses, especially seasonal illnesses. We know that employers want to protect their employees as much as possible, which is why we are supplying companies with two options for high quality air purification systems. Are you interested in having an air purifier in your Boston area workplace? Click here or call 800-448-2739 to contact us for more information.

Now, we’ll explain the details of each of the air purifiers that we are supplying.

AeraMax Professional Air Purifiers

Aeramax professional air purifier

We offer two AeraMax models: AeraMax Professional III and IV. These models cover an area of 300-1,400 square feet and they include HEPA filters with antibacterial treatment. We know that you already have many responsibilities, so our rental and purchase plans include maintenance and filter changes. Also, you can choose between wall mounted units and stand-up units to create the setup that works best for your space.

Click here to learn more about AeraMax Professional Air Purifiers.

Celios G200 Air Purifier

The Celios G200 Advanced Air Purification System is the second system that we are supplying. Covering 200-450 square feet, this system is the ideal choice for smaller spaces. It is effective at capturing the Sars-CoV-2 virus and the patented technology removes up to 99.99999% of particles from the air. Air is filtered through a pre-filter, carbon filter, and core filter in its three-part process. You won’t have to worry about maintaining this machine because our purchase and rental plan includes maintenance and filter changes for your Celios Air Purifier. View this video to learn more about the Celios G200.

Other Ways to Keep Your Office Safe

In addition to air purification systems, BostoncleaN also supplies Boston area offices with many other tools for keeping their workplaces safe and clean.

Antimicrobial Copper Films are an excellent product that we offer to help keep surfaces sanitary. These copper surfaces go into action when bacteria lands on their surface. The ion of the copper attacks the surface of the bacteria and then penetrates into the surface of a cell and protein. Then, the metabolic action comes to a halt and the DNA/RNA are dismantled. Copper films can be used in many places such as countertops, desks, food service preparation areas, restaurant tables, and more.


In addition, we will supply you with the PPE that you need, including masks, hand sanitizer, wipes, protective gloves, touchless sanitizer dispensers, and more. We will conveniently deliver the correct type and amount of PPE that your office needs on a regular basis, saving you the trouble of constantly searching for new suppliers and placing complicated orders.

Finally, we are offering touchless coffee and water systems for office breakrooms. It is well-known that coffee and water machines are highly touched areas in offices. It is also obvious that employees rely on coffee and water throughout the workday. Touchless coffee and water machines allow employees to enjoy the beverages that are important to them without having to risk spreading germs. With these machines, employees order their delicious, custom beverages from free apps and completely avoid touching any machines.

Get an Air Purifier for Your Boston Area Office or Workplace

At BostoncleaN, we are committed to “delivering the cleaning supplies that protect your workplace.” The AeraMax and Celios Air Purifiers that we supply are part of our commitment to keep you and your employees safe and healthy. Click here or call us at 800-448-2739 to learn more about getting an air purifier for your Boston area office!

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Purifiers


Why does the CDC recommend air purifiers for offices?

The CDC has recommended that HVAC systems be installed in schools, hotels, restaurants, small businesses, and more, in order to purify the air. While many companies are already upgrading their HVAC systems in order to improve air quality, the CDC also recommends supplementary filtering systems. This is especially important in rooms that may not have windows for airflow, such as private rooms, closed offices, or break rooms.

What is the science behind the air purifiers?

Particle size matters because the smaller the particle size, the longer it remains in the air. Small particles also have the highest chance of being inhaled into our lungs, entering our blood, and spreading throughout our body. Whether we’re talking about capturing the SARS-CoV-2 virus, other viruses, allergens, pollen, or mold spores, it is always important to protect ourselves against the smallest particles. A HEPA filter must be able to capture 99.97% of particles at the 300 nanometer size to be classified as such. Celios G200 Advanced Air Purifiers capture 99.99999% of particles and are 3,000 times more efficient than HEPA filters. In addition, they can capture particles that are 30 times smaller than those which a HEPA filter can capture. The particles that a Celios G200 Advanced Air Purifier can capture are the most dangerous. Third party clinical research at leading laboratories across the country have validated this and have enabled Celios to be able to make the FDA regulated claim that they can effectively capture the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

What makes Celios unique?

Celios captures volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odors, and gases with its oversized coarse carbon filter. All of these can build up in offices, especially small offices that do not have adequate ventilation, where you get off-gassing from the paint in the room, the computers, and more.

How does the PPP cover air purifiers?

The PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) recognizes that businesses have had to greatly adapt in order to make work environments safe for employees. It acknowledges the importance of cleaning the air indoors, which can be done by updating current HVAC systems and investing in portable air purifiers. Both the Act and its implementing interim final rule allow for small businesses to use PPP funds to invest in technologies that may help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and thus create environments that may be more conducive for employees and customers which can include air purifiers like the G200, which is effective at capturing the SARS-CoV 2 virus.

What is the size of the air purifier?

The air purifier is about 9 lbs. Its dimensions are about 13x5x10. It is lightweight and portable, making it easy to move from room to room as desired. It covers 200-450 square feet.

What services does BostoncleaN provide for the air purifiers?

BostoncleaN will come into your office to install and assemble your air purifier. We also offer an air filter change program. For two years, you do not have to worry about when each filter needs to be changed because BostoncleaN will have these changes scheduled for you. Not every filter needs to be changed at the same time, so this makes it easy for businesses to go about their duties, knowing that air purifiers filters will be changed out when necessary. Plus, after two years, clients can extend the air filter change program with BostoncleaN for as long as they would like to.

How long does it take to purify the air in a room?

This depends on a number of factors including: whether or not the windows and doors are open, the ceiling height of the room, whether or not there is carpet in the room, and what kind of HVAC system is in place. That being said, if you are running the device at full speed in a small room, you will spin the air in the room at least once per hour completely.

What square footage is covered by a unit?

Celios G200 Advanced Air Purifier covers 200-450 square feet. It depends on how long the device is run for, however. For example, a much larger room can be covered if the device is run at full speed for a much longer period of time.

Do you need to run the air purifier overnight?

To mitigate risk, it is best to scrub the air before people are in an area, run the air purifier on low speed while people are in the area, and then scrub the area again after people have left.

How do you know when to change a filter?

At BostoncleaN, we put together a schedule in our system of when the different filters need to be changed out. There are several types of filters and not all of them need to be changed at the same time.

Will BostoncleaN service the air purifier?

BostoncleaN will service your air purifier as long as you are a part of our filter change or rental program. We will take care of any repairs, or we will simply replace the unit for you, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Does the air purifier need to be plugged in?

Celios G200 Advanced Air Purifier is the only portable air purifier in the country that is run by two lithium batteries, which will allow it to run for 24 hours without being plugged in. As long as you can find an outlet at some point in the day to recharge the air purifier, it is simple to bring it anywhere that you would like to afterwards.

What is the difference between Celios G200 Advanced Air Purifier and other air purifiers?

It is very difficult to capture nearly 100% of particles, which is what Celios G200 does. Celios G200 also captures the smallest types of particles. Many other air purifiers capture a high percent of particles and meet HEPA standards, but do not capture as many particles as Celios, or particles that are as small. Our other technology, which protects and pre-filters the air entering the purifier, makes an air tight solution to prevent particles from escaping after being captured.

What are the options for purchasing the air purifier?

Companies have the option to purchase or rent Celios G200 Air Purifiers from BostoncleaN. Whether you buy or rent, we offer a filter replacement program, which takes the burden of keeping up with different filter changes off our your business.