As we continue to live through the COVID-19 pandemic, employers are concerned about having a clean office to keep employees and visitors safe. At BostoncleaN, we have a solution that allows companies to help keep everyone safe while operating: NanoSeptic self cleaning surfaces. Are you interested in bringing NanoSeptic products to your office? Click here or call (800) 448-2739 to get in touch with us.

buy nanoseptic products for door handlesWhat is NanoSeptic?

NanoSeptic, self-cleaning surfaces are made to oxidize organic contaminants for three months. The process is activated by light. When exposed to light, nanocrystals are energized on the surface. After being energized, the oxidation reaction breaks down organic contaminants and self-cleaning takes place.

Where Can I Use NanoSeptic, Self Cleaning Surfaces? 

NanoSeptic Surfaces can be used in a wide variety of places. They should be used on any touchpoint. Common touchpoints include door handles, push bars, push doors and elevator buttons that are frequently touched. If you workplace uses touchscreens, there are clear films available in several sizes which can be applied to smartphones, computer screens, copiers, tablets, adn brewers.

NanoSeptic surfaces do not contain any poisons, heavy metals, or chemicals. Though hand washing protocols are still important as a second safety measure to keep your office clean, NanoSeptic surfaces can help appease the fear of spreading germs throughout the office.

Is it Safe?

EPA/FDA-compliant lab studies have independently verified NanoSeptic. It is also endorsed by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) and the Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI). In addition, it has received the ISSA Innovation Award.

As companies have been learning to continue with work productively in our new normal, BostoncleaN has been supporting many businesses as they strive to create environments where people are comfortable working. By having NanoSeptic products visible throughout their offices, employees can be confident that their workplaces are taking strong steps to keep employees safe.

View Our NanoSeptic Webinar for More Information 

reasons to buy nanoseptic products

We had the pleasure of speaking to the NanoSeptic team about how NanoSeptic technology works and how many companies are using NanoSeptic products to keep their workplaces safe and clean. Check out our conversation!

Buy NanoSeptic Products for Your Boston Area Office 

Now is the right time to go the extra mile to demonstrate that you are taking every possible step to protect your workplace. We are proud to be offering the NanoSeptic solution to our customers, and we feel that we are doing our part to promote clean office environments for the health and safety of employees. Would you like to buy NanoSeptic products or learn more about NanoSeptic? Click here or call (800) 448-2739 to contact us today.